About Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket is the #1 destination for boutique design driven wallpapers. The brand first opened its doors in 2008 locally based in QLD Australia. Today we operate in many stores around the world. We regularly work with leading interior designers in Australia and overseas. If you love interiors and love great design, you have come to the right destination.

Today our team has grown into a family of artists, designers, producers and collaborators. Each of our wallpapers is a unique work of art.

  • Our knowledge of techniques, processes and materials contitutes the strength of out brand.
  • Our manufacturing process involves modern wallpaper machines that apply to digital printing technology.
  • Our technique differs from traditional wallpaper printing in several ways.

Most importantly, our wallpaper is not limited to a particular number of colours or patterns. Also, we print on demand- which means that we make the wallpaper especially for you after you have placed and order. We have an integrated production flow since our computer systems are specially designed for wallpaper production. They manage the entire flow from online order to delivery. Therefore, we can proudly assure you fast delivery times and high product quality no matter your location around the world.

We hope your wallpaper helps to bring joy and create a happy, beautiful space for many years to enjoy. Thank you for stopping by Jimmy Cricket – we hope you find the perfect wallpaper for making your space truly yours.

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